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Tiberias, located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, constitutes one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel relevant to the cultural and religious heritage of the three monotheistic faiths.

Several excavations have been conducted in Tiberias during the past sixty years, uncovering finds from the Calcholithic through the Ottoman periods. A new project - directed by Dr. Cytryn-Silverman of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, began in March 2009 at Tiberias ancient city-centre. It deals with a hypostyle structure, partially excavated in the 1950’s by B. Ravani and later by Y. Hirschfeld. The building, which was originally dubbed as a covered market, has recently been restudied by Cytryn-Silverman, who has shown that the structure was not a market - but rather the congregational mosque dating from the Early Islamic period. The main goals of the present project are to define the phases and architectural development of the hypostyle building by exploring its unexcavated eastern portion, to establish its urban context and the ways of Islamization of the classical city. The Project is also exploring a Byzantine church north of the mosque, and the remains of a possible Roman temple of the second century CE. In addition a building complex related to the production of sugar of the twelfth-thirteenth century was also uncovered. Special finds to date include: mosaic floors, inscriptions, mosque lamp chains, ceramic figurines, complete oil lamps, hundreds of coins, and many other finds, all of great importance in dating the site's phases.

במהלך שישים השנים האחרונות התבצעו בטבריה מספר חפירות ארכיאולוגיות בהן נמצאו ממצאים החל מהתקופה הכלכוליתית ועד התקופה העות'מנית. פרוייקט חדש בהנהלתה של ד"ר קטיה צטרין-סלברמן מהאוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים החל במרץ 2009 במרכז העירוני של טבריה הקדומה. למידע נוסף ניתן לפנות לד"ר ציטרין-סלברמן באימייל הבא.
For more information, pictures from previous seasons and much more, visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tiberiasexcavations
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