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What to Pack?
  • Comfortable work clothes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed in work shoes
  • Rain gear in case of a downpour
  • Something warm for the early morning hours at the site and for the evening
  • Toiletries
  • Alarm clock
  • Camera
  • Swim suit (the Sea of Galilee is literally across the street from the site and the water might not be too cold)
  • Work gloves will be provided, but you may bring your own if you prefer
  • Some people find it more comfortable to work with knee pads, bring your own
  • There is plenty of fresh water at the site and it is very important that you drink a lot, even if it does not seem hot, dehydration is a common problem for people who are not used to the Israeli climate. It is a good idea to bring your own water bottle which you can keep at your side at all times during the day and fill it up as needed
*** Please make sure to have your international medical insurance in order before leaving home. You will be asked to provide the staff with a copy of your medical insurance in case of an emergency ***

  • Meals - Full board is provided from Saturday evening dinner through Friday breakfast. If you wish to dine outside the hotel, numerous restaurants are located along the promenade. Supermarkets and convenience stores are located within walking distance. Most establishments are not open during the Sabbath, so please remember to plan ahead for the weekend.
  • Laundry - A Laundromat is located within walking distance from the hotel. Each volunteer is responsible for his/her own laundry.
  • Shopping - The Aviv Hotel is located within a five minute walk from the city's main shopping district.
  • Comminucations - Cell phones may be rented at the Ben Gurion Airport or in downtown Tiberias. Free WiFi connection is available in the lobby of the Aviv Hotel.
  • Weekends - Volunteers who are planning on staying at the Aviv Hotel over the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights) will receive a 25% discount off the hotel's weekend rates.
  • Sightseeing - Field trips conducted by the expedition will visit various sites in the region. Israel is, however, one of the richest contries in natural beauty, archaeological sites and tourist attractions, which you may want to explore during your free time. Cars may be rented at the airport and in all major cities (including Tiberias). The Aviv Hotel provides bike rentals as well as chauffeured cars for sightseeing around the lake.
Getting Around
From the Ben Gurion Airport, you may take a service taxi to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or the train which runs from the airport to Tel Aviv and Haifa. From these major cities it is not a problem to take a bus to Tiberias. Buses do not run in Israel during the Sabbath – from late Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. (Taxi fares from the airport to Tiberias should be about 600 NIS - about US$160).

Bus schedules: www.egged.co.il Train schedules: www.rail.co.il

Once you have arrived in Tiberias, the Aviv Hotel is approximately a ten minute walk from the central bus station, but depending on the amount of luggage you are carrying, you might prefer to take a taxi which should cost about 25 NIS. If you do decide to walk, exit the bus station by the stairs and walk straight along the main road until you reach Hagalil St. (one of the main streets in the city), and take a right. Walk straight along Hagalil St. until it narrows and leads south out of the city. At this corner turn right onto Hanoter St. The first building on your left has a sign "Aviv" this is the older hotel, we will be staying in the newer building which is a bit further up the hill on your left (2 Hanoter St.). The staff of the Aviv Hotel will be expecting you. Please let the hotel staff know if there is any problem. (Aviv Hotel's telephone number as dialed in Israel: 04-6712272)
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Methods of Payment
Payment for participation must be completed pior to your arrival at the excavation. The none refundable $100 registration fee, should be made as soon as possible in order to guarantee your place on the dig. The balance should be recieved by December 1st 2015. Please make all checks, transfers, etc. payable to the Israel Exploration Society. See application form for further details.

We recommend you verify the validity of your credit card in Israel (especially cards from Australia and New Zealand); it has happened in the past that volunteers have tried to withdraw cash at ATMs and have not been able to.
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