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Field School
Students may arrange to receive academic credits through the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (and transfer the credits to their home institution). The cost is US$80 for the registration fee and US$180 per academic credit. Participants will receive 4 credits for participating during the entire season. The payment for the credits will be made directly to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. An additional cost of US$60 per academic credit will be paid to the excavation. Students opting to receive academic credits must fulfill the requirements set by the field school directors (attending all field trips and lectures, tasks in the field and writing of an academic paper relating to the project).

Pottery Reading Students Digging Afternoon Lecture
For further information, please contact us at: tiberiasexcavation@gmail.com or visit the Rothberg International School page for Tiberias Excavations: overseas.huji.ac.il/tiberias
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