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Bar Kribus
Bar Kribus
Born January 10, 1982, in Rehovot, Israel Education 2006 Licensed Tour Guide by the Israel Ministry of Tourism 2009 B.A. in Archaeology and History at the Hebrew University Received awards for excellence in studies during the first and second years Currently Studying for M.A. in Archaeology at the Hebrew University Research and Field Work 2007 Participated in a month-long excavation at Tel Beit Shemesh, conducted by Tel Aviv University under the direction of Dr. Shlomo Bunimovitz and Dr. Zvi Lederman 2008-2009 Archaeological tours coordinator for the Institute of Archaeology, the Hebrew University 2009 Assistant Area Manager in excavations at Tiberias, conducted by the Hebrew University under the direction of Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman 2001-2012 Volunteered for short time periods in excavations at: Beit HaEmek, Tiberias, Mt. Nitay, and at a survey of the Judean Desert 2010-2011 Research Assistant at the Hebrew University under the guidance of Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman: (1) ceramics from the Islamic Period from excavations at Yatir; (2) analysis of marble fragments discovered at Ramla 2010-2011 Area Manager in excavations at Seglamien, Ethiopia, conducted by the Naples University under the direction of Prof. Rodolfo Fattovich From 2011 Ceramic specialist in excavations at Tiberias, conducted by the Hebrew University Currently writing an M.A. dissertation on the archaeological evidence for the Christianization of Ethiopia under the guidance of Prof. Joseph Patrich and Prof. Steven Kaplan of the Hebrew University Other activities 1998-2000 Counselor at the Hugey Sayarut youth movement (specialized in nature, hiking, history and archaeology) 2001 Volunteered for a year of community service, worked with youth groups in poor neighborhoods 2004 Counselor at an American summer camp through the Jewish Agency 2005-2006 Tour coordinator for the Society for Preservation of Nature, Israel, specializing in tours for Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia Currently Working as a tour guide for: the National Parks Association; the Archaeological Park, Jerusalem; the Israeli Experience (An educational tourism company founded by the Jewish agency) Active as a tour guide, Leading Birthright tours, tourists, families and schools on tours throughout Israel, specializing in archaeological and historical tours, and in the Jerusalem area
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